Rapper Badshah Writes An Emotional Instagram Post For Singer Aastha Gill

10:26 pm 30 Mar, 2018


Badshah aka Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodiya is one singer in the Indian entertainment industry who has taken the music industry by storm through his singing abilities. Over a short period of time, Badshah has become immensely popular. Today, he is at the peak of his career and has come a long way since he made his debut.

Some of his songs are amongst the top hit songs of the country right now! People, especially in Delhi NCR are his die hard fans and love his Punjabi pop renditions. He keeps surprising us every now and then through his hit songs. He has now left behind Honey Singh and has given a tough competition to many others in Bollywood.

However, there is his hardworking team behind his immense popularity and success. Right from his musicians to his managers and the hair-makeup artists, the credit for his success also goes to the hardworking people he is surrounded by.

Recently, Badshah got very emotional and penned a heartfelt note for Aastha Gill. He later posted it on social media, taking us down the memory lane.

He posted a picture of the diva and wrote:

“I found this girl roughly 5 years ago. She was young, raw and full of energy. I promised her parents that I’d take care of her and try to make something out of her, if not a star. 5 years down the line she is still young and full of energy although not raw anymore. She’s polished her skills and learnt to burn the stage.”

Read the complete post below!

Well, that was a real cute gesture! Tell us your views through your comments below the story!



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