To Good, Sweet Girls, You Are A Rebel!

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Updated on 25 Mar, 2016 at 5:24 pm


I, for one, have been among the good girls silently wishing to be a bad-ass rebel.

As a good teenage girl, I saw rebellions in awe and disgust – almost at once. 

They sneaked vodka in noisy classrooms, had clandestine hot-n-heavy make-out sessions behind Yoga room and threw curse words in open corridors. Some stuck chewing gums on their teacher’s hair while some unabashedly chucked their notebooks on her face – just because not doing home-work sounded so bad-ass.

And were they wrong in believing so?

Not really, when we told them this is what it is to be a rebel.

When we hear bad-ass and rebellious, we paint a picture of a Gothic chick with poison in her gut and drugs in her blood.  

And even though I have never been one, I would admit, I crave to feel it once.


What it is to be damn bad-ass? 

May be down some shots, sneak out some nights, get sloshed thrice, wake up in someone else’s bed every other night – maybe this is it. That’s how they show it in the movies, right?

But here what I have come to realize.

I have been a rebel all along!


So sweet, good girls, listen. 

You who have been courageous enough to not change your heart for the love of fluttering, peer temptation – you are a rebel.

You who have been brave enough to not accept what was offered on the platter and went down to hunt your own food – you are a rebel.


You who have never been blind enough to sing the worldly tune and whisper ‘Yes’ to whatever came your way – you are a rebel.

You who have never shied away from baring your heart and you tears – you are a rebel.

Because, being a rebel doesn’t make you less of a woman.  It doesn’t make you feel less. 

What it, however, does is give you that bad-ass, impressive streak to own up your emotions and courage, your victories and downfalls, your confidence and insecurities – all together in symphony.

To stand as a one-horn unicorn in a crowd of black, muscled horses – not because you want to be a rebel but simply because you were born that way – that’s being a rebel. 


A rebel is a wild spirit. 

You are not a rebel in the way you look or the way you talk. Be careful, for there are coward sheep dressed up as tigresses. Don’t let them make you feel any less of a tigress – for that’s who you really are.

Even if you are dressed as a sweet, humble sheep, tell them – looks can be deceiving.

They’ll call you challenging and tough to crack; almost unfathomable.

But if you have chased your desire wildly in the forests, put up a fight for exactly what you want while being patient enough to know when not to give up – even when the world was screaming you to – know that you have been a rebel.

Because you have known it all along – nothing’s worth it if it comes easy. 

You have been a brave child to have defied the worldly conformations every time. And while you have been kind enough to not break someone’s heart, you have also kissed goodbyes to ‘what would people think’. It’s not been easy and very lonely mostly.

But know that your bravery will be awarded, Ms. Rebel.

Because the thing is, while you might not have been a bad-ass, you have indeed been a pretty good-ass rebel. 

And that’s something.