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Back To The Ground: 7 Unforgettable Peculiarities Of Famous Indian Cricketers

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 3:31 pm By

Apart from endless records and triumphs, the Indian team has garnered over the years, some cricketers always subsist in our memories due to their unforgettable peculiarities. So, let’s explore the treasured funnier side of the game with the list of seven most unforgettable peculiarities of legendary Indian cricketers.  

7. Sreesanth — Using Fists and Fingers to Concentrate


Oh, come on you guys! Stop examining the talented pace bowler from Kerala for his towel trick during the match fixing issue. Search a bit during the earlier times, the right arm fast medium bowler had an exuberant, emotional behavior and not to mention his break dance hip hop moves with his rare wicket hauls. I know you almost have a video playing in your mind running where Sree is moving back to his bowling guard while pumping fists and the fingers telling his mind to focus. Once he was done with his body this, he kissed accessories on his neck and charged towards the bowling end where the batsman bashed the ball over his head for a six. Yes, Bhajji, you were probably right to slap Sree for all such shameless show of foolishness.


6. Shikhar Dhawan — Twirling Moustache

The astounding Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan is presently at the top of his game and is consequently grabbing fame for his aggressive batting style and the much highlighted stylish mustaches. The opening batsman has a special style of twirling his moustaches every time he scores a ton. Having twirling moustaches has a relation with the Rajput Warriors, who observed facial hairs as a sign of pride. Even in the gentlemen’s game of cricket, players like Sir Richard Hadlee, Jack Russell and David Boon had the best moustaches of cricketing era. Moreover, girls are going crazy on this macho look of Dhawan – we recommend Shikhar not to twirl his moustaches, before the style gets bogged down with another match fixing controversy.

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5. Harbhajan Singh — Nail Biting

Popularly known as “Bhajji” or “The Turbinator,” Harbhajan Singh is particularly noticed on or off the cricket field biting his nails. Well Bhajji, we all can understand the tremendous burden of good bowling resting on your shoulders and with the matches drawing to a nerve-racking end, stress and anxiety is but natural. What does bother of some of us though is the fact that maybe if you would have left nail biting to the audience, and instead concentrated more on the field, the Indian team could have seen more victories. However, if the nail biting has something to do with the spin or the doosra, we recommend you bit them every day and even teach the same to Ashwin and Mishra.



4. Sourav Ganguly — Blinking Eyes

Well we do remember Dada for that jersey twirling scene on the Lord’s cricket ground’s balcony after a superb chase by two Indian youngsters. However, Dada had a proneness of blinking his eyes every time the bowler dashed to bowl at him. No, the Bengal Tiger wasn’t afraid of the speedy pacers because if he had something like that he wouldn’t ever have such a marvelous cricketing career to his name. Sourav used to wear spectacles off the field and while playing he preferred using contact lenses. Rapid blinking of his eyelids might be a lens adjustment technique or a way of keeping the lens away from dust. Howsoever, his blinking eyes helped him score tons of runs with massive sixes all around the ground.


3. Sunil Gavaskar — No Helmet, Please!

The run gun of the Indian team during the 80s, Sunil Gavaskar or popularly known as Sunny, smashed pacers to all corners of the ground, especially during the period when West Indies giants bowled the ball like a bullet. The most surprising thing about Sunil’s Batting was that he never wore a helmet while batting. Instead of the bulky helmets available during his cricketing era, Sunil preferred a specially designed headgear. The little cricketing genius had a habit of reading while resting in his bed and usually ended up napping over the pages. The habit weakened his neck muscles and the master always avoided the helmet as the extra weight on his shoulder would affect his reflexes and hamper his batting technique.


2. Sachin Tendulkar — Crotch Yank

Claiming almost every possible cricket record to his name, the little master blaster will always be remembered for his signature stance. I know you have judged it right and it has brought a pearly white smile on your face. Every time Sachin used to come into bat, he would pat his bat behind his back foot and then lift the bat to deliver his signature “crotch yank.” Although, it was a bit frustrating for other bowlers, with time everyone including umpires and commentators, they all became habitual to this oddity.

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Sachin tendulkar crotch-yank

1. Kapil Dev — Jump Before Bowling 

The chapter of Indian Cricket will always look deficient, if we don’t mention the name of the legendary all rounder Kapil Dev. Ranked among the most successful captions of India, he got us the first ever World Cup triumph in 1983. Kapil had a unique hopping move before pacing up his speed towards the bowling end. The hop was similar to a jump on a pad and then mounting the pace for a swinging devilry that would come as a blow for the batsman. Similar hops before bowling can still be seen especially among subcontinent bowlers and the Pakistani bowler Junaid Khan is the prime example of this diverse action.



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