The Video Of A Baby Sneezing And Saying ‘Oh No’ Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet Today

5:41 pm 1 Dec, 2017


The Internet is all about latest trends, some cool and bizarre stuff to look for apart from regular news and controversies. When one gets tired of listening and reading about the same boring content, they look for something interesting and simple, which would make one feel better about life. Baby and animal videos are exactly the kind of stuff that can make the day.

And this is why this video where a dad is trying to cut the fingernails of his baby went viral. While the daddy makes his attempts the baby bursts into a laughter every time the father tries to cut the nails.


Baby with his

This video instantly got viral and left many saying “so cute”.


And now another baby video is winning hearts and getting a good number of views.

This time the baby featured in the video is almost sleeping, however, in the middle of the sleep he sneezes and says something which not only surprises his mother but leaves everyone in awe.



As soon as the baby sneezes all of a sudden he utters, “Oh No!”.



This would have been an extremely important moment for the baby’s mother, who must have listened to these words from her baby for the very first time.

It is almost astonishing to see a baby as small as this one, to speak up a word and that too instantly after sneezing. Yeah! That was the baby’s instant reaction. Check out the video below to see how the baby reacted and made this video a viral video on the internet.



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