Baby Of Woman In The OT At The Time Of Doctors’ Argument In Jodhpur Hospital Is Alive And Healthy

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12:00 pm 1 Sep, 2017


On Wednesday, we had reported that an incident of a verbal spat between two doctors reportedly costing a woman her baby’s life had come to light from Umaid hospital of Jodhpur. However, in recent developments surrounding the matter, it has been reported by Patrika that the mother who was being operated in the operation room at that time, and her baby, are healthy and safe.

The Medical Education Department of Rajasthan Government has issued a press release which states that the woman who was being operated on at the time of argument between obstetrician Ashok Nainwal and anesthetist ML Tak, and her baby, are both healthy. Reports that the squabble between the doctors led to the death of the baby are wrong.

Press Release by Medical Education Department, Rajasthan Government


The news of Naseem Bano losing her child because of the argument between Nainwal and Tak was apparently a result of confusion as two emergency Cesarean deliveries were carried out in the operation theater within a short span.

It is true that the two doctors had an argument while Naseem Bano was being operated on but the woman who lost her baby was not Naseem but 21-year-old Anita Sharma who too had undergone a C-section in the same operation theater a short while ago. According to hospital administration, Naseem’s delivery was completed around 11 am whereas Anita was operated on around 11.35 am. By the time Anita was operated, the argument between the two doctors was over.

Two doctors indulged in a verbal spat while performing an emergency c-section YouTube


Hospital superintendent Dr. Ranjana Desai revealed that the heartbeat of Anita Sharma’s fetus was very low. Doctors tried their best to save the baby but were unsuccessful. On the other hand, Naseem Bano and her baby are doing perfectly well.

Collector Ravi Surpur has appeared before the Jodhpur High Court’s panel of Justice Gopal Krishna Vyas and Justice Manoj Garg. The panel has ordered the collector to form a committee, conduct an inquiry into the incident and submit a report within a week.

According to the press release by Rajasthan government, Dr. Ashok Nainwal who was appointed as the assistant professor on a temporary basis was relieved as Director of Medical and Healthcare department of Jaipur on August 29, 2017. A proposal for the suspension of Dr. ML Tak has been sent to the Medical and Healthcare Department.