Babul Supriyo Is Trying This ‘New Trick’ To Get Network On Train, And It’s Downright Hilarious

1:54 pm 28 Nov, 2018


The struggle of getting a network while traveling on the train is too real. We all have been there! While muttering curses under our breath, we often made our turns between the train compartment and corridor to get connectivity. Sadly, there is not a single service provider who can work on their promise of giving the network across the nation. Recently, Union Minister Babul Supriyo took a dig at this very problem. We must say that it is indeed an ingenious trick to deal with the fickle network while traveling on a train.

Without creating further suspense, let us tell you what he did. He actually took his dog on his train ride. How is that funny? Let us show you the tweet before explaining.



Do you guys remember the cute little pug from the Vodafone(previously Hutch) advertisements? Yes, under the ‘You & I’ campaign the company featured an adorable dog following a boy around. It signified the service of the company that will follow the customers anywhere they go. They also had the tagline “Wherever you go, our network follows.” Here is one of the advertisements:



Babul Supriyo used his witty side to spread some laughter among netizens. He did it while traveling on a Rajdhani with his pet pug. Naturally, the netizens couldn’t control their laughter. They were all praises and tweeted:










Do you have any such ‘new trick’ like Babul Supriyo? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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