Twitteratti Went ROFL After This Photo Of Baba Ramdev At Delhi Literary Festival Surfaced

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7:39 pm 27 Nov, 2017


Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has become a celebrity. The multi-talented Baba who also owns Patanjali, attended the recently concluded Delhi Literary Festival in the capital on November 26.

Baba Ramdev spoke at length about various topics in the festival which included peace, harmony and love for animals. He said that humans must lead a life of empathy and in a manner which doesn’t hurt other living things on the planet. He also talked about preserving the bio-diversity of the planet.


Ramdev further said that some people are busy in saving dogs, donkeys, monkeys, horses and even mosquitoes but the moment people try and save cows, they are termed as communal, religious and are looked at with suspicion.

But, the public was more interested in something else. As soon as Baba Ramdev posted the tweet, Tweeple started trolling him for the giant display of a popular brand of paan masala on the screen behind him.


Check out some of the hilarious reactions here:

Genius sponsors.

Paan masala pranaam!

Launch Patanjali paan masala.

Why did he go there?


Why standing before a product which is banned?

Should have kept his image in mind.

Not only this, people also trolled him for the choice of his language. Baba Ramdev promotes Made in India and hence, when he tweeted in English, people couldn’t stop pointing this out.


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