After Patanjali Sim Cards, Baba Ramdev Has Now Launched ‘Kimbho’ Messaging App, And Twitter Is Laughing!

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2:45 pm 31 May, 2018


A few days ago, we told you about yoga guru Baba Ramdev launching Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards in association with BSNL. The SIM cards, that have initially been offered only to Patanjali employees comes with hoards of benefits such as unlimited calling, free mobile data, free SMSes, medical insurance and life insurance. According to the chief general manager of BSNL, this is the best plan offered by the company till date. And now, to compete against WhatsApp, Baba Ramdev has launched his own swadeshi ‘Kimbho’ messaging app.




The limelight around the news of swadeshi SIM cards launched by Patanjali, in association BSNL hasn’t faded away yet and Baba Ramdev has come up with another service for mobile phone users.



Baba has now launched an instant mobile messaging application named ‘Kimbho’ as a competitor to WhatsApp. It was made live on May 30, 2018. However, it was later taken down for unknown reasons.



The information was shared by Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala on his Twitter page. Take a look at the tweet:



In another tweet, he mentioned that Kimbho is a Sanskrit word that means “How are you?”. Take a look at the tweet:



The messaging platform Kimbho is Swadeshi and offers umpteen features to its users. As per its description on Google Play Store, users can make free voice calls, video calls and exchange content in the form of Text, Audio, Photos, Videos, Stickers, Quickies, Location, GIF, Doodle and more.


Kimbho Logo. Source


Encrypted by AES for security, the app also allows users to block unwanted users or conversations. Lots of wallpaper choices are available for customization. The news of the app’s launch has triggered countless reactions on Twitter. We have compiled the most interesting ones for you below:





















There is no doubt that the application has umpteen features and moreover, it is Indian. Would you like to try it? Do let us know in the comments section!