Reporter Asked Baba Ramdev If He Ever Had A Girlfriend. You Cannot Guess His Reply

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2:47 pm 6 Apr, 2018


Baba Ramdev has always been an easy target for his opponents. Whenever any news of fake babas goes viral, people start wondering if Ramdev is also a fake preacher. Today, Ramdev is running a successful brand Patanjali that is being used internationally as well. The brand’s products have given a strong competition to huge international and national MNCs. Many reports of Ramdev’s relationships and the adultery he does while making his products have gone viral but people failed to prove the claims.


We have seen Ramdev giving various interviews and accepting that he is not one of those fake babas who trick people for money and lust. However, the baba has opened up in the past regarding the marriage proposals he receives from his devotees.  And now another video of Ramdev has gone viral. It’s a clip from one of Baba Ramdev’s interview. While having a conversation about love and relationship, the reporter suddenly asked Baba if he ever had a girlfriend.



The question puzzled baba and made him express that he does not even clearly know what a girlfriend and boyfriend mean. He even asked if girlfriends and boyfriends marry? The conversation went on and left the Patanjali King confused. The answer that baba came up with was a little unexpected.

Take a look at the video below and decide yourself if you are convinced with Ramdev’s reply:


Here’s another video in which Baba Ramdev talked about the woman who offered her tan, man, and dhan leaving baba thrilled! LOL



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