Baaghi 2’s Portrayal Of ‘Kashmir Human Shield’ Incident Sparks Debate About ‘Correctness’

6:45 pm 31 Mar, 2018


Baaghi 2 is a movie filled with moments of Pakistan-bashing and hyper-nationalism. Not to forget, the pretext is the age-old formula of damsel-in-distress and a knight in shining armor. However, there are some scenes that draw inspiration from real life.

In this movie, a scene shows Army officer Ranveer Pratap Singh (Tiger Shroff) is using a man as a human shield to protect himself from the angry crowd. This art imitates life situation is from an incident that created quite a stir in 2017.


On April 2017, a video resurfaced showing that a stone pelter is tied to an Army jeep. Instantly, the video went viral drawing mixed criticism. Watch the video here:



Soon there were debates that the man tied to the jeep was not a stone pelter and this is an abuse of human rights. Debates and discussions started flooding the media until the responsible officer came forward to clear the air. The officer on whose order this action was taken was Major Leetul Gogoi. And, his one out-of-the-box thinking saved many lives.



In the video, he narrates the incident that he received a call from the polling agents that they are surrounded by about 1200 people who are trying to attack them with petrol bombs. Without wasting any time, he along with his team started a rescue mission. When they reached there, the crowd started pelting stones. To rescue the people stuck inside polling station he took the decision to tie one of the stone pelters on the jeep hood. Watch it here:


He could have used a weapon but an open fire would have caused bloodshed and eventually war. One smart move from Major Gogoi saved many lives without even shedding a single drop of blood. This is a decision praised by Army officials and most of the Netizens.

The mirroring of this incident in Baaghi 2 has invited wrath of many. Without plunging into a dispute about the movie, we want to conclude the article on the note that one action by Major Gogoi saved a disaster from happening. In a life and death situation, the Army is often, if not always, the best judge of the situation and thus some incidents should be praised even if they come out as being “politically incorrect.”




What are your thoughts about the portrayal of this real-life incident in the movie? Let’s know in the comments below.

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