Azita Rahman’s Story Is A Brilliant Example Of How Talent Is Above Everything Else

12:59 am 24 May, 2017


It happened long ago when sexism spread its roots in every sphere of life. Be it division of work criteria between men and women at home or in an office or in any other area, men are given preference to handle all the important roles and responsibilities, while women are sidelined.

A similar case of bigotry at the workplace has surfaced on the internet lately.

Meet Azita Rahman, who took a bold step for herself when she was being labeled “INFERIOR” by her male co-worker.



A student of the University of California, Azita was given a promotion and that, too, over a male co-worker in an internship program. However, it seems that the man didn’t appreciate the fact. Instead, he poured out his rage in an extremely bad manner.


Finding it completely rude and unacceptable, she gave the most suitable reply to him.


That’s what we call ‘WOMAN POWER’! Rahman has proved that she is a 21st century woman — brave, intelligent and smart. Kudos to her spirit for being an inspiration to many girls who face extreme situations of sexism.



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