Pakistani Batsman Azhar Ali Falls To An Embarrassing Run-Out And The Video Is Too Hilarious To Miss!

1:12 pm 20 Oct, 2018


If you’re a cricket enthusiast, you’ll agree that a lot that can go wrong during an intense game. Miss-hits, run outs, dropped catches, and collisions; we’ve seen it all in the most epic of battles. However, the list is not just comprised of these. The latest addition to the list is Pakistani cricketer Azhar Ali’s dismissal on day 3 of the current test match against Australia in Abu Dhabi. Those cricket lovers who witnessed their most ridiculous (and funniest) run out would have shared the video by now!

Azhar Ali’s dismissal became so popular that it turned into a meme fest overnight! Pakis know how to get attention, don’t they?!



Azhar Ali’s dismissal was nothing short of a comical run-out in cricket history. Ali, like a confident batsman, hit the ball for a four. On the other end was Asad Shafiq.




The two Pakistani batsmen stopped in the middle of the pitch for an impromptu chat thinking that the ball had hit the boundary rope – which it hadn’t!



Like two failed students, Ali and Asad forgot the basic rule of cricket: Never take your eyes off the ball! It never reached the rope obviously!



Like a clever fox in waiting, Australian left-arm fast bowler, Mitchell Starc took the opportunity and passed the ball wicket-keeper, Tim Paine.



That’s the end of Azhar Ali’s score of 64 runs in the match.



Soon, Azhar Ali’s dismissal invited a host of funny comments on Twitter. Have a look at some of them:





You can’t miss these funny memes as well:





Luckily, Ali himself saw the lighter side of the incident, and jokingly said:

“When Tim Paine started to run towards the stumps, I thought there was something funny about it. I know I will be asked this question for a long time, especially back home. My sons will ask it in a funnier way … they’re going to speak about it for years.”


However, after Azhar Ali’s incident, two players of New Zealand have now been caught in the same loop! Don’t believe us? Watch this video:




God bless Pakistan and New Zealand. But we thank them for giving us a few good laughs!