15 Awkward Situations You Face In Your Corporate Life

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6:00 pm 22 Apr, 2015


You might have been a happy employee if not for these weird situations that make things a little uneasy. Some of these situations are uncalled for and may just embarrass the hell out of you and some are the outcome of your actions.

Let’s have a look.

1. Your boss gives you work the minute you are packing your bag to leave for home.

2. You get caught playing Solitaire or Candy Crush.

3. Watching your competitor being appreciated.

 4. Sleeping in office and jumping up at the mention of your name.

5. Bumping into a colleague with whom you just had a mail argument.

6. When you are suddenly asked to answer a question you didn’t hear, during a discussion.

7. Working hard for a presentation and then it gets cancelled.

8. The idea that you spent weeks on is not even heard.

9. You try hard to speak during a conference call and miss all chances.

10. When asked by HR about your appraisal expectations, you ask for too much.

11. Juggling with excuses for coming late after giving an interview in another company.

12. When you find yourself begging for a holiday.

13. Your selfie is photobombed by your boss.

14. Giving a presentation to a whole lot of uninterested people.

15. Staring at your laptop even when there isn’t any work to do.

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