16 Reasons Why Awesome Women Are Always Single

6:00 pm 19 Apr, 2015

Ever noticed how a woman walks through the club, meeting and greeting everyone on her way but claiming to be single every time you see her? Well, awesome women mostly are single. Here is why these women have a hard time finding someone to fit in with them.

1. Can’t deal with the relationship-drama.

They just simply can’t deal with it. They have other things to do like hang out with friends, party or even just watch Netflix.


Hang out

2. Have a crude attitude.


Crude attitude

3. Awesome and crazy go hand in hand.



4. Won’t change for anything in the world.

Well, they are awesome because of what they are. If you try to take that from them, you may end up being the single man you were destined to be.

Single man

5. You gotta be equally awesome to grab their attention.

They come with the “Awesome ends with me” attitude so you have  to be really good to even get a glance from them. So, if you know you’re not good enough don’t even try.


6. But when they have their eyes set on you…


Game over

7. An awesome set of friends and they’re content with them.

8. Not everyone can deal with their dynamic personality.


9. They’re capable of everything but having to display her emotions.

This is all they can be. They’re straight forward so you might find them rude. They can’t show how they feel like but this will always be constant in their attitude if they do want to tell you.


10. They’re intimidating.

Their personality may scare the guys away. Not everyone can deal with the way they think and interpret.


11. Not everyone can understand them.

Awesome women

12. They don’t need anyone.

They love themselves and they don’t need anyone to love her. And like every awesome person they don’t care.

Need of anyone

13. They are independent, they have their views. They don’t need someone to complete themselves.

14. Men can’t understand them, no not kidding, they can’t.

15. Their thinking patterns are completely different. They are more career oriented and they wait for the right guy, they don’t want to rush.

16. Most of the times they are dating ‘ideas’, in this process they forget to think about guys or relationships.


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