18 Creative And Cute Beds For Your Beloved Pets

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8:00 am 30 Mar, 2015


Some of these ideas will fall heavy on your pockets, but some of them are pretty doable, if you have some experience and know-how.

1. A four poster bed for Fifi

2. Yorkie gets a whole suitcase

3. A corner for pets in the kitchen

4. A crate can be made comfy

5. Old TV cabinet turned pet space

6. Perfect home within home

7. Who got the cat’s tongue?

8. Use some of that divan’s space

9. Elegant little bed

10. He’s packed all his stuff in it

11. Upside-down tables can look good too

12. A fortress when outside

13. Monitor cat abode (Don’t try hollowing out the monitor on your own)

14. Bed with matching accessories

15. A little king

16. Now that’s posh

17. A reused cabinet is big enough

18. One suitcase = bunk bed

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