15 Things That Will Help You Avoid Getting Into A Mess Just After A Breakup

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12:00 pm 14 Oct, 2015


What is so depressing about love? Loss of love is more painful to us than our resistance when accepting it. Love starts with a kiss, grows with hugs and finally leaves you with tears whether you stay in it for a week or for years. As humans, we are wired to love butfind it hard to deal with breakups, which ultimately leads to ruining our lives. Here we state a few things that will help you to avoid getting into a mess just after a breakup.


1. You should keep a ‘no call, no text,’ resolution, which will help you to to move on faster.

2. Hard to do, but still you need to block them from all social media so that you don’t keep thinking of everything that went wrong.

3. Make sure you are busy doing activities and meeting up friends.

4. You need to be patient and accept the changes as they come; one day you will realize the sun is shining just like before.

5. Always take your breakup as a positive as you gradually learn with experience.

6. Having feeling is quite valid but you need to know you have an amazing support system which will not make you feel depressed.

7. Sooner or later, your perfect match will come on your way so you need to keep your eyes open, instead of mourning the past.

8. Don’t push anyone away when they try to help you out because all they want is to help you overcome depression.

9. If you feel like taking revenge, think rationally and focus on your daily routine instead of making it a worse time.

10. Comfort yourself with kind and encouraging words instead of blaming yourself and feeling low.

11. Feeling upset and low are natural impulses, so you need to cry instead of pushing down your feelings and mourning silently.

12. Going for a run with music can help to boost your mood and is also proven to lower your stress levels.

13. It is so easy to see all the wrongs in our lives but try to remember the positive and good things you have done.

14. Practicing gratitude can help you to deal in a positive way and also help you to get back your positive head space.

15. Experience the feeling of loving someone will give you a sense of empowerment and relieve stress.



These were some different ways to deal with a breakup, especially one that was rough on you. You really need to practice and incorporate the feeling of normalcy in yourself which will help you to move ahead.

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