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This Photo Story Called ‘Avani’ Shows The Horrors Of Being Born A Girl In India

Published on 1 March, 2016 at 7:32 pm By

Bengaluru’s Arjun Kamath has been uploading his photostory ‘Avani‘ on Facebook for over a month now.


Kamath, who is currently studying in Los Angles, has been uploading on an average one or two pictures per day of a photo shoot that he took in Coorg this January.

‘Avani’ is a tale about a young educated girl Avani ,who is part of a society that still considers girl child a curse.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


The story begins with Avani’s family looking for a groom for her, and choosing Aadisesha, one of the most eligible & wealthy bachelor in Pravadh.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography



Avani’s family is not very rich, but Aadisesha falls for her beauty & decides to marry her despite his step-mother Guru Tai’s wishes.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Aadisesha, is used to getting what he wants and Avani, at this point, is nothing but one of his demands.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography

The two finally get married.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography

And it’s time for Avani to leave her parents for the unknown.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Even as Avani leaves with her husband, she sees her parents sobbing & her parents-in-law busy counting the dowry.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


On her very first day at the new household, Avani’s mother-in-law, Guru Tai, starts ill-treating her and asks Avani to massage her legs.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Tired but determined, Avani finishes the auspicious Tulsi puja as soon as Tai leaves and she realizes that no one is around.

Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Even as Avani prays, Aadisesha walks by noticing her and feeling guilty about how his mother ill-treated Avani.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Even as Aadisesha leaves for the woods unaware of what’s happening, Tai mistreats Avani for performing the puja.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


Things only gets worse from there and the Puja thali inauspiciously falls on the floor.


Facebook - Arjun Kamath Photography


With a deep sense of foreboding, Avani stares at the broken mirror in the thali and takes a step back in shock.



Avani decides to walk into the woods behind her husband to make sense of what is happening, even as a mother wolf looks for her next prey there.




Avani finds her husband inches away from the foaming mouth of the hungry wolf and attacks disregarding her own safety.


Attacking vehemently and with wild look in her eyes she soon kills the ferocious wolf.


Aadisesha, taken aback at the turn of events, wraps his arms around his wife and is overcome by emotions.



To save her husband any embarrassment and harm, Avani gives Aadisesha the credit for killing the dreaded wolf.



Pravadh men celebrate the killing of the dreaded Kashyapi wolf, who was responsible for the death of over a dozen villagers.


Days soon turn into months, but unlike before Aadisesha starts helping Avani with her chores when no one is around. One day…



Aadisesha manages to catch Avani before she falls but is panic-stricken and tries to make sense of what is happening.



He sprinkles water on to Avani’s face and she slowly regains conciousness, looking at Aadi’s anxious face she whispers ‘she is pregnant’.




Hearing the news Aadisesha cannot contain his happiness and jumps with joy.


Taking Avani into his arms, Aadisesha stares lovingly towards his wife.



Not happy with what has transpired Guru Tai visit Pravadh’s chief astrologer, to know if the baby is a girl or a boy. The astrologer asks her to stay away till his next visit.



Months pass and Aadi takes of the daily puja.



He lovingly takes care of his wife…


…and makes sure she is taken care of



Just over eight months into her pregnancy, Avani begs her husband to take her out in the woods.


Unable to say no to his wife, Aadi agrees to her wishes.



Even as the couple are lost in their own world, Avani goes into labour.



Despite all odds and with no one around, Avani soon gives birth to a healthy daughter ‘Surya’ and their happiness knows no bound.



The couple soon take the child to get her grandmother’s blessings, but Tai curses them instead. Aadi stand’s with his wife and daughter and they leave the house instaed.




They enter the woods looking for some peace with Aadisesha feeling guilty for having put Avani through all this.



To distract themselves of all that has happened, Aadi breaks into a dance.



Parched from the blazing sun, Avani requests her husband for some water and reluctantly Aadi leaves to fetch it.



Praying for her husband to return soon, Avani’s sits down under a tree with Surya in her arms.



Sensing something, Avani opens her eyes and finds herself surrounded by intruders with Tai leading them.



With all her might, Avani fights the intruders as they try to snatch Surya away from her.



She manages to break free.



But Tai’s men soon catch up and even hit her on Tai’s order.


They keep hitting Avani even as she begs mercy for her daughter’s life.



Even as Tai’s men beat Avani on one end of the forest, others are killing Aadi on the banks of the river.



Tai snatches the child away from Avani and puts her on the ground to crush her, but that is when Avani begins to smile .



What Tai had assumed to be a child, turns out to be a bundle of sticks and stone; Avani’s smile turns into a laughter.


Tai consistently asks for the baby but Avani refuses to tell, she goes on to kill her daughter-in-law.



While Avani had managed to run away from Tai’s men, she had hugged Surya and put her on a makeshift raft.  Surya would later safely reach the neighboring village of Bandhumati.




(Photo courtesy: Arjun Kamath)

We at TopYaps salute Kamath for bringing the powerful story of ‘Avani’ to life and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.


To read Avani’s story in detail click here.


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