This Autodriver’s Extremely Sweet Gesture Is Winning Hearts On Social Media

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6:43 pm 28 Aug, 2016


The story of an autodriver from Mumbai has won several hearts on social media. It has received more than 5,000 likes.

A Mumbai resident Rameez Shaikh took an autorickshaw to a masjid for the Friday namaz. Since he got out of the office in a hurry, he forgot to take his wallet.


Rameez Shaikh FB

He had no money and he requested the autodriver Shukla ji to wait and take him back to his office, where he could pay him.

But, Shuklaji couldn’t wait and had to go. He said,” you are going for God’s work. I will drop but I won’t be able to wait.”

So, the autodriver dropped Shaikh at the masjid and didn’t charge any money. Instead, he gave him some money so that he can take an auto back to his workplace.

Shaikh could not thank him anymore.



Autodriver Shukla Ji

This is the real India.



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