Auto, Taxi Unions Hold Strike Against Ola And Uber, And Bring Delhi To A Halt

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3:56 pm 26 Jul, 2016

There are 85,000 autorickshaws and around 15,000 yellow-black taxis in Delhi. Nearly all of them went off the roads on Tuesday, July 26, demanding that the Delhi government regulate cab aggregators such as Ola and Uber.

Of course, New Delhi has been left paralysed because of the indefinite strike.

Twenty auto and taxi unions have together formed a group called Joint Action Committee to protest against the plying of Uber and Ola cabs.


Because the unions are affiliated to other political parties, the AAP-led Delhi government claims that the strike is “politically-motivated”.

The government says that the protestors should take the matter up with the Centre because the state is not empowered to ban such services.

And who is suffering because of the government versus autowallahs? The common man, of course!

Some autos that were spotted plying on the roads took as many passengers as they could. And even as a torrent brought down temperatures in Delhi in the afternoon, it will made the evening rush even more arduous for commuters.



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