This Auto Rickshaw Driver Is Doing Something Which Has Lessons For Everyone

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1:43 pm 21 May, 2016


The person in the photograph below is Abdul Khader, an auto rickshaw driver. He drives a rickshaw to earn a livelihood but he is not just any auto driver.

His auto has a unique interior where one can find all the information that one needs to be aware of.



SSLC exam schedule, helpline numbers, citizen awareness news, a calendar, educational charts for kids, etc. He has a pen drive that has songs of different genres – old hits, patriotic songs, inspirational songs, spiritual songs and Dharmendra songs.




He explains why he keeps Dharmendra songs,

Dharmendra has taught me a lot. The characters he played in films always inspired me. I wasn’t very good at studies. When I was eight years old, my father died and I stopped studying. One day, in a spurt of naughtiness, a friend and I stole a couple of sticks of sugarcane from a roadside stall outside a theatre, and ran into the theatre to escape being caught. However, we were caught, and I said I just wanted to work at the theatre. So I started doing odd jobs there, and for 14 years, sold chips and popcorn. Apart from that, I worked at an embroidery unit in Shivajinagar. But always, my dream was to own an auto.



A place where people don’t bother about following traffic rules, Abdul Khader loves talking to his passengers when he stop at red lights.

One side of his auto has all anti-dowry slogans because he believes that people suffer a lot because of the evil of dowry in society. Khader believes that a man should know that it his responsibility to take care of his wife.



He also recalls the incident when he was trying hard to earn to buy a sari and desi ghee ke laddoo for his wife. Abdul is a humble man who keeps a first-aid box, a water bottle and a mobile charger always in his auto. He also offers rewards to the kids who travel in his auto and teaches them to share things.



He has now decided to put information about the importance of eduction for the girl child.

He couldn’t study much because of the death of his father but he definitely know its importance. He plans to buy school bags for children who do well in their exams and looks forward to making his auto as informative as possible.



In a time when people don’t care about anyone, Abdul takes some money out of his meagre earnings to reward little kids and provide facilities to his passengers.

It’s really hard to be like him. But the world will become a better place to live in if we have more Abduls around.




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