Autism No Barrier For This 13-Year-Old Australian App Maker, Who Is Also The Youngest Entrepreneur At GES

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3:09 pm 29 Nov, 2017


Hamish Finlayson, 13, is autistic but is keen to make the world a better place.

Hamish is an app developer from Australia and has so far developed five apps including the one to save turtles. At present he is working on the sixth one for raising awareness about traffic rules.

Hamish Finlayson at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad manoramaonline

He is in India to showcase his gaming apps at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, and perhaps the youngest entrepreneur too.

Hamish says his first love is technology and the first thing that he do after finishing his homework is to work on apps.


When he was just 10 years old, he designed an app for iPad called LitterbugSmash, that features Triple T, the turtle who cleans up trash and saves other turtles from ghost nets in the ocean. The educational app encourages players to donate to charities such as Reef HQ Turtle Hospital, World Wildlife Keep Australia Beautiful and the Tangaroa Blue Foundation.


His love for apps started when he was just eight years old and in 3rd grade. When he attended a workshop with Google on code-run Lego robots, he developed his interest in coding. After his family bought him his own robot, his knowledge and capacity for coding grew manifold. Now his apps are available on Apple as well as Google Play stores. The users of his apps are now spread across 54 countries.

The technology whiz’s love of conservation and the environment has also led him to produce an app called Keep Calm and Save Turtles, and to create his own YouTube channel. He has even  made business cards and t-shirts.


Hamish is aiming to make it big in the technology space, and has dreams of designing and testing games for a living.


Clearly, Hamish is a shining light in the sense that the disability doesn’t affect how successful he is.

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