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Sudipta Saha

Top 10 Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

Shifting to a new home is always exciting and one of the biggest developments in our lives. However, this joy does not come alone but brings along the feeling of separation and anxiety with it. Undoubtedly, shifting to a new place is big thing to do. With loads of companies offering moving and packing services, house shifting has become very easy.

Top 10 Most Common Rules We Love to Break

Rules are meant to bring law, order and discipline in one’s life and society. Rules are what form the basis of a culture or a tradition; they differentiate human from other species. We create rules to define and judge our acts. But, do we follow every rule that we make? We make or break rules as per convenience and accord.

Top 10 Places Most Visited by Tourists in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered as the city of dreams. Although, the place is the commercial capital of India, it is heaven for those who are highly ambitious, especially those interested in the field of entertainment.