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Christina Pinto

Christina enjoys writing in all its forms, from stories to poetry. In college, she won recognition for her writing, starting with the renowned Sophia Essay competition. From then on, she found her calling. She loves writing feature stories, fashion news and finding the most interesting things for topyaps. Her favorite topics are the environment, fashion, movies, technology, travel and people. Her dream job is to write for a prestigious magazine and she is heading there, currently employed for a Kuwait-based magazine.

Top 10 Fashion Trends of the 1970s

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Top 10 best online fashion magazines

A subscription to an online magazine guarantees a spectacular show of color, designs and fantastic fashion coverage. Nothing is more fulfilling for a fashionista than sitting at home and browsing through an interactive magazine that allows him/her to comment, share and contribute.

Top 10 eco friendly bedroom ideas

Green living is the new style in home décor and practical advice to revitalize your home is found in almost every media – from blog posts to television shows. Homeowners love the tips for they ensure their bedroom is environmentally friendly and safe for their own health benefits.