This Australian Man Speaks Bhojpuri Fluently, And Social Media Is Going Crazy Over His Video

2:39 pm 25 May, 2018


It is always mesmerising to see any foreigner or non-native people speaking a language of a different country or other community so fluently. Have you ever come across any such foreigner or people from another continent who speaks Hindi or other Indian regional languages so fluently?

Well, we came across a video of an elderly Australian man who speaks better Hindi than most of us. Perhaps, his command over the language will make not just your jaw drop but also put many Indians out there to shame. And not just that, he speaks Bhojpuri too!


Foreigner speaking hindi

Screenshot from the video

In the video, we can hear the man saying that he has spent substantial time in India and traveled within the country.


He said that the first word he learned while being in India was “Diversion”, and in the video, he said it exactly the way Indians pronounce the word. You know how Indians pronounce the word, right? He then said he slowly learned the language. He said that he has lived in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and many other Indian cities. While speaking in Hindi, he said he has worked in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

And, one of the most interesting things is that when asked he speaks the Indian language so well and that he is like an Indian, he said that he is very much an Indian and he is a Kashmiri Brahman (laughing). Interesting, isn’t it?

Take a look at the video posted on YouTube by Face the Fact.


How was it? Such an interesting man, isn’t it?