This Cabbie Of Indian Origin Is Being Awarded ‘Australian of the Year’

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1:00 pm 12 Nov, 2016

India is full of incredible hearts and Tejinder Pal Singh is proof of it. No matter where an Indian is s/he never leaves his/her big heart.

Tejinder Pal Singh will soon be honoured as the 2017 Northern Territory Local Hero as a part of ‘Australian of the Year’ award on January 25.



He is being honored because of the noble heart he has. He is the founder of the ‘food van’. On the last day of every month, his organisation serves free food to the homeless and the needy.

He has got great support from Michael Gunner, Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, for feeding the homeless people and for his services to the Sikh community.


Tejinder Pal Singh is no billionaire. In 2006, he came from India and started driving a taxi. Every day was a new struggle for him but he never lost hope.

Tejinder believes,

My religion says 10% of my income should go towards helping those in need and those who need to eat. It does not matter what religion they belong to or what country them come from.

He was even racially abused by one passenger but he didn’t lose his cool. Rather, Tejinder explained that his religious faith requires him to cover his head with a turban and a turbaned Sikh is as much a creation of god as any other human being.



What a gem of a person Tejinder Pal Singh is! We surely need more people like him in this world to make it a better place to live.


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