Welcome To The Future! IIT Alumni Design A Driverless Shuttle For In-Campus Travel

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8:22 pm 30 Apr, 2016

A self-driving shuttle, Auro-Prime, was designed for in-campus travel by a team of ex-students from IIT-Kharagpur’s Robotics Research Group.


Passengers and students can fill their destinations through a touch screen mounted on the vehicle, or through their mobile app and the software automatically determines the optimum high-level route to reach the destination safely.


Powered by electricity, Auro Shuttles, launched by Nalin Gupta, Jit Ray Chowdhury and Srinivas Reddy of the Group and Y-Combinator ensures safe navigation on busy roads and also terminates the cost of a driver.

These driving features complete Auro-Prime:

-Obstacle detection and collision avoidance

-Road & lane detection and following

-Pedestrian detection and avoidance

-Emergency braking system

-Adaptive speed control, as per the traffic situation

-Traffic signs & signal recognition

Well, there is no substitute for innovation.


*Feel like owning it one day*



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