This Pakistani Aunty Is Giving Serious Competition To ‘Gormint Aunty’, Watch The Video!

11:28 am 30 Jun, 2018


Social media has given us some of the most iconic things that have kept us entertained all around the year. From Dancing Uncle to Salt Bae, we must thank the internet for introducing us to these hilarious and meme-worthy people. One such popular personality is the Gormint Aunty who became best thing happened on the internet in 2016.

Gormint Aunty’ from Pakistan took the internet by storm when she addressed the media with her golden words, “Yeh bik gayi hai Gormint!” (This government is a sell-out!) Netizens from all over the world became her fans and thus started a meme revolution with her famous dialogue.

Take a look at her viral video once again:


Apparently, it was because of her abusive, angry and anti-government interview with a news reporter, that she gained the attention of the social media users. We definitely loved her! Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof!

This is the best!


Who would have expected!


I know, right!



So, what if we tell you there is another aunty who is equally badass and has just the right attitude in Pakistan?! Yes, you read that right! This aunty can officially be the new ‘Gormint Aunty’ because she carries the same insanely savage attitude and can kick anyone’s ass.



Interestingly, a video is getting is viral on social media in which this resident of Karachi is being interviewed by a Pakistani news reporter and she gave the most unexpected reply to the reporter’s question related to the water crisis in the area. She seems pretty angry with the government in the video as she answers the question.

Being regarded as ‘Phuppo Paani’, she presents an argument worth listening to. Here, watch the video:



Here some of the funniest responses by the netizens to the video:

She is top-notch!

Gormint aunty 1



New Aunty Gormint!

Gormint aunty 2



Next level!

Gormint aunty 3




Gormint aunty 4



Whatta dialogue!

Gormint aunty 5



Seems like Gormint Aunty has got a new competition!