Audience Boo Kanhaiya Kumar Off Stage, Force Him To Cut His Speech Short

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7:37 pm 17 Sep, 2016

Former JNU Student president Kanhaiya Kumar was booed by the audience of ‘India Today Mind Rocks’ summit on September 17 when he was addressing the gathering on the topic of “Azaadi”.

Kanhaiya, who is currently out on bail in a sedition case, had to cut his speech short during his address as the audience started hooting as soon as he arrived.


Though he tried to make light of the situation by saying “Those who are hooting here are also free to do so. Desh me azaadi hai (there is freedom in the country).”  The audience didn’t support him for long as they were soon irked by his remarks on PM Modi.

Talking about his time in jail, Kanhaiya said, there was nothing wrong in having been to jail as Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh too had gone to jail.


He then moved on to take a dig at PM Modi, of whom he has always been critical, he said:

“It is his birthday today but half the people are on streets and others in jails. What a reason to rejoice? If 65 per cent of the country comprises youths, how can a 65-year-old be their leader?”

His remark though didn’t go down well with the audience and they started cheering for Modi and booing him, thus constantly disrupting his speech.


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