Chef Atul Kochhar Faces Threat To His Livelihood After His Tweet Related To Islam Received Mixed Reactions

5:11 pm 13 Jun, 2018


Michelin Star winner celebrity chef Atul Kochhar has landed amidst a controversy that is now threatening his livelihood. We are all aware of Quantico fiasco in which Hinduism was slandered in an episode. Following which, Priyanka Chopra apologized but got trolled instead. The chef was one among those who weren’t convinced by the apology of the actress. Hence, he spoke out about ‘Hindu persecution at the hands of Islam.’ Soon, he became a target for the trolls.

He is an Indian-origin chef in the United Arab Emirates. He is well-known for heading Rang Mahal Indian restaurant at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel. Though he deleted the original tweet that agitated the netizens, here’s an image of what he posted:




It hurt the sentiments of few Muslims who were not happy with the tweet. They demanded to target his business and posted the following comments:







Soon, Atul Kochhar came up with an apology for his historical inaccuracies. Also, claimed that he is not Islamophobic. However, he never refuted his original comment on Hindus getting insulted at hands of Muslims. He tweeted:



With intolerance running high among netizens, people further stretched the matter shunning his apology. Also, a restaurant aggregator named ‘Halal Gems’ issued official statement his eatery is removed from their database as an act of protest. Read the tweet:


Many came forward to appreciate the step taken by ‘Halal Gems’ to boycott Atul Kochhar:






However, amidst this endless sea of trolling, there were some who showed their support. They pointed out that he has every right express his thoughts. This is what they tweeted:








He again published another tweet saying sorry for his comment on Islam community:


However, it seems that the Islam community in Dubai is not ready to forgive the chef, yet. Customers started canceling their wedding parties and meal booking at JW Marriott Marquis to protest against the chef. After the huge backlash, the hotel finally decided to cut ties with the chef. In an official statement they stated:

‘Following the recent comments made by Chef Atul Kochhar, we have taken the decision to end our agreement with him for Rang Mahal. With the termination of our agreement, Chef Atul will no longer be associated with the restaurant.’



As for Atul Kochhar, he gave an official statement that despite the matter being unsettling, he understands the decision of the hotel. Also, he is deeply sorry for his comment. This is what he said:

‘The decision by JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is deeply upsetting, however I fully accept the great pain I have caused and the difficult position the hotel has been put in. I have great respect for JW Marriott and in particular their staff in Dubai and wish the hotel well for the future. I hope my friends and well-wishers in Dubai will forgive me and continue to support me in the future.’


What’s your take on the matter?

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