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12 Attractive Aspects Of The Buddhist Culture

Updated on 19 October, 2019 at 12:45 pm By

Buddhism has inspired people all over the world to lead simple and beautiful lives. In the modern era, many youngsters can be witnessed adopting and practicing this religion with utmost dedication. So what is so attractive about the Buddhist culture that compels people to draw their attention towards it? Let’s find out!

1. Message of peace


The world is full of evil-doers and preachers. Terrorism is one of the most disastrous aspects of the modern world. At such times, the importance of the message of peace propagated by the Buddhist philosophy becomes evident.

Buddhist culture


2. Non-violence

One of the major attractive aspects of the Buddhist culture is non-violence. The non-interference of Buddhism in the ritualistic spheres of other religions shows their harmony with other cultures. The agenda of world peace sets out the idea of non-violence among the believers of Buddhism.

3. Prayer flags

While strolling in a dominant Buddhist area, one can witness a lot of colorful prayer flags hanging all over. These flags contain Buddhist mantras written over them. It is believed that as the wind blows, the positivity of these mantras spreads all over the area.

4. Thangka art

A very famous art form of the Buddhist culture is the Thangka art. Thangka paintings are very delicate paintings made by trained artists with the help of a very fine tip brush. The beauty of the painting is purely a result of the extreme hard work and dedication of the artist towards this art.

5. Meditation

The legendary art of meditation has been going on for centuries in the Buddhist culture. The saints of this sect are said to have been meditating till date in secret places and caves. Meditating in a quiet Buddhist temple is one of the most relaxing experiences that one can have.

6. Cuisine

Buddhism strictly forbids the intake of animal flesh. The Mahayana sect is a bit too particular about this aspect. Buddhist cuisine includes a lot of vegetables in its dishes. In order to compensate for the loss of meat, they prepare wheat gluten which is quite similar to meat in texture.

7. Monk’s yoga


Monks have their own style of exercising and yoga. Their yoga positions and practices are a bit different from the usual ones. Such practices are very helpful and show positive results in a very short span of time. This is a very satisfying and fruitful form of exercise.

8. Religious patriotism

Buddhists have a strong affinity for their religion. They are more attached to their religion rather than their motherland. The positive aspects and attractions of this culture keep its people tied towards itself in all situations. The conflict between China and Tibet has had no effect on the religious patriotism of the Buddhists.

9. Togetherness of tribes

Most of the Buddhists follow a tribal culture wherein the warmth of togetherness becomes quite evident. The tribes stay together as one family. The harsh climatic condition faced by most of the Buddhist countries is also a major reason behind this closeness of the people towards each other.

10. Buddhist chants

The most powerful mantra of the Buddhist culture, ‘Om Mane Padme Hung’, has been adopted by people throughout the world. Buddhist chants have a deeply positive and long lasting spell on the listeners and are quite impactful for regaining inner peace.

11. Simple rituals

Unlike other complex religions, Buddhism doesn’t possess any complicated rituals which may tie a person in the knots of sacrifices and adjustments while losing the main essence of the religion itself. Simplicity is inbuilt in the purity of Buddhist beliefs.

12. Festivals

The mask bearing people performing traditional dance forms and stories of the legendary battles of their deities is a main attraction during Buddhist festivities. Festivals are extravagant and celebrations are done on a large scale which is a treat to the eyes.


The above set of points depicts a small portion of the larger boundary of reasons behind the increasing affinity of the people towards Buddhism. The cultural heritage of Buddhism has and is still continuing to influence peace-lovers all over the world.




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