Delhi Man Ends Up In Jail For Attempted Murder Of Married Girlfriend’s Husband

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7:43 pm 4 Jun, 2015


A man has ended up in prison after attempting to get his former girlfriend’s husband murdered by his own employee. The 37-year-old man had met his two-years-younger girlfriend at his wife’s funeral. The two began an affair that lasted around five years.

The woman, who has been married for 15 years, broke off the relationship after her husband found out about her affair.




Her husband, who is a small-time businessman, found out about the extramarital affair when he went through his wife’s phone. He confronted her, she admitted to having an affair and then promised to break it off. Apparently, she kept her word.

The ex-lover, who rents out autos, tried to get in touch with her for six months but was unable to talk to her.



He then came up with the plan to have the husband killed. He stalked him daily to find out about his timings and movements. Once he knew the husband’s routine, he hired his own employee, Aslam, 40, to shoot the husband for a sum of Rs 10,000.

Aslam shot the target as he left his office but unfortunately he only injured the victim’s hand and got caught on CCTV.



“The CCTV footage showed the accused walking about and escaping after he missed his shot,” said DCP (Central) Parmaditya. Ten teams were formed under the guidance of ACP (Patel Nagar) Jitender Meena to nab the accused.

The victim informed the police of his wife’s affair, and they raided and arrested the ex-lover. Under interrogation, he confessed.


The former lover has been booked for criminal conspiracy and Aslam has been booked under Section 307 for attempted murder and the Arms Act.



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