Believe It Or Not! Soon, ATMs To Come Up In Delhi’s Public Toilets

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7:35 pm 12 Dec, 2015

North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has come up with a strange idea: They are planning to install ATM machines in its new toilets.

North Delhi mayor Ravindra Yadav said:

“NDMC will make provision for installing ATMs in its toilet complexes while formulating policy for their upkeep and maintenance.”



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The corporation, which has been facing a financial crisis and mounting deficits, plans to generate revenue through this idea.

“The Corporation is making all out efforts to provide services in a better way to the people and earn revenue,” said the mayor.

He added that the income from this scheme will be used for improving services at these toilets and their better upkeep.


And the NDMC has already started the work!

The concerned authorities have been directed to design new toilet complexes with enough space where ATM machines can be installed.

“As per the scheme, NDMC will issue tenders for construction of 150 new toilet complexes in the municipal area which will be completed in the next four months,” he said.

The area would be auctioned for installing ATMs by interested banks.


But it isn’t the first time that such toilets would be constructed. Earlier this year, Beijing made state-of-the-art public toilets with ATM machines operational.

The toilets have facilities like ATMs, Wi-Fi, charging poles for electric cars and a water vending machine.



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