Here Are The Astrological Rituals To Make Your Dussehra More Special

12:30 pm 19 Oct, 2018


It’s Dussehra and that time of the year again when the entire country gears up for grand festive celebrations. We all know Dussehra is one of the biggest festivals in India and is celebrated at the end of Navratri every year to mark the victory of good over evil or Lord Ram’s victory over the demon king Ravana and Goddess Durga’s triumph over the evil Mahishasura. The festival is not only religiously significant but is also socially acclaimed in our country.

Needless to mention, the whole story of Ramayana shows us whenever the evil tries to raise its head, the good overpowers it.




Well, through this article we’ll make these festive celebrations even more special for you. Astrologically, dharma is a symbol of planet Jupiter, which signifies dignity, love, sacrifice, protection of karma, dharma, and victory over the evil. It is believed that if a person writes three favorable names of Lord Rama according to his zodiac sign, he/she will have strength during adversity. It is said that the name should be written with a particular ink, in a specific direction. After that, one has to fold the paper and keep it in the pocket. It is believed that the position will give him/her the strength and luck to have powerful friends to overcome every difficult situation of life.

Take a look at the below astrological rituals to make Dussehra more special for you.

1. Aries

Name: Sriram, Ramchandra, and Shashvat

Color: Orange

Direction: South



2. Taurus

Name: Shrimate, Purshotam, and Jaitra

Colour: Pink

Direction: South-East



3. Gemini

Names: Janardhan, Vishvamitra, and Satyavache

Color: Green

Direction: North



4. Cancer

Names: Vedatma, Satyavarata, and Trivikarma

Colour: White, but it should be written on black paper

Direction: North-West



5. Leo

Names: Dhanvi, Pitrabhakta, and Varapradha

Color: Red

Direction: East



6. Virgo

Names: Jitendriya, Jagatguru, and Mahadev

Color: Green

Direction: North



7. Libra

Names: Mahabhuja, Soumya, and Brahmanya

Color: White

Direction: South-East



8. Scorpio

Names: Mahayogi, Adipurvsha, and Mahapurashaa

Color: Saffron

Direction: South



9. Sagittarius

Names: Dayasara, Mitabhasha, and Raghav

Color: Yellow

Direction: North-East



10. Capricorn

Names: Hari, Peetavasa, and Dhanurdhara

Color: Black

Direction: East



11. Aquarius

Names: Yajvane, Paresha, and Sachidananda

Color: Grey

Direction: West



12. Pisces

Names: Shoora, Shyamanga, and Punyodaya

Color: Yellow

Direction: North-East




Happy Dussehra to all!

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