Assam Flood Has Made It Difficult For BSF To Patrol Bangladesh Border

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4:29 pm 7 Sep, 2015

While the flood situation in Assam is very critical, a new problem has emerged that may have some bearing on national security.

According to NDTV, the floods in Assam have submerged border outposts of the BSF close to the Bangladesh border in Dhubri district.


BSF soldiers

A screengrab showing BSF soldiers patrolling an area on a boat. NDTV

Since the camps are under waist-deep water, patrolling has become impossible, which means that keeping infiltrators out is difficult.

Boats are being used to reach from one end of the camp to another.

Amal Kumar, a BSF jawan posted at the Hathichar camp, says:

“Our beds are also under water. We prepare food using firewood, so that’s proving to be a big problem. We are patrolling the borders using boats but it’s proving to be a big problem.”


The region is especially volatile given its close proximity to the border with Bangladesh.

A large number of illegal immigrants and, with them, infiltrators cross over into India every year during floods.

The BSF says it is using boats to patrol the border but with floods having submerged many areas, it isn’t all that easy.

Over 15 lakh people have been affected across 20 districts in the state. With four deaths in the last 24 hours, the toll has risen to 30.



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