10 Shocking Aspects Of The Tech Generation

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10:00 am 4 Nov, 2015


There are no second thoughts about the fact that technology has taken over our lives in a way we had never expected. The Y2K era has enslaved us with gadgets and technology. This generation has some specific traits which are shocking yet true. Let’s find out what the tech generation has as their characteristics with technology directing their lives.


1. Smartphones all the time!

A child studying in class five owns a tablet or a smartphone these days. It is no more a luxury but a necessity and parents are forced to by them one.



2. Nothing private

Everything you do today is on social media. From waking up in the morning to the kind of day you spent and even before sleep, updating your life virtually has become more important than introspection in real life.


3. Gadget obsession

Your life is made easy with the help of gadgets. It is supposed to work that way, yet, gadgets have become the master mental and physical activities. 80% of people are surrounded by gadgets for the most part of their day.


4. Addictive tendencies

Technology is a drug. Psychological disorders like nomophobia (fear of being out of mobile contact) and excessive anxiety are a result of this addiction.


5. Robotic emotions

With more and more logically sound technology coming up, even the emotional aspect of a human mind is being affected. The richness of the feelings of love and faith are slowly fading away, making people more robotic.


6. Virtual socializing

Socializing and meeting new people has taken a whole new meaning in the virtual world. We meet and greet in the virtual world remaining strangers in reality. Everything is imaginary and false.


7. Far from truth

Today, after the tech revolution, everything has become a matter of showing off and pride with ego-centric attitudes towards each other. This has taken us far from the truth of our real selves.


8. Away from reality

Living in a virtual world created by technology, we have forgotten, to some extent, the lives we are actually living. The essence of our being and purpose in this physical dimension has been narrowed to a high definition screen with binary codes.


9. Confused personas

Apart from the various psychological disorders resulting from over-use of equipment, people also tend to have confused personalities and often find themselves in a state of falsehood about themselves leading to schizophrenia.


10. Google grandpa

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias have become things of history. Today, we have a wiser and more intelligent form of knowledge known as Google. Just as children we used to go to our grandparents to seek answers to our queries, the role has slowly been shifted to our new grandfather, ‘Google’.