If Asking A Lady To Be Your Guest? Better Show Her These 13 Dating Advice From 1930s

7:00 am 26 Apr, 2014


I hope you all are aware of those ladies in your life who are really killing it at her date night everytime. After being humiliated by their men, they still somehow manage to live under the wrong shadow of their so called ‘Sexiness’. Below are some essential first 13 dating advices that should be taken by them immediately to avoid behaving ridiculously with their men on dates. Don’t fool yourself, accept the reality, we don’t want to hurt anyone.


1. Don’t be sentimental

Don’t be sentimental

2. Don’t use the car mirror


Don’t use the car mirror

3. Don’t sit in awkward positions

Don’t sit in awkward positions

4. Do your dressing

Do your dressing

5. Men don’t like…

Men don’t like

6. Don’t be careless

Don’t be careless

7. Wear a brassiere

Wear a brassiere

8. Don’t be familiar

Don’t be familiar

9. Seriously, don’t be familiar

Seriously, don’t be familiar

10. Don’t talk about clothes

Don’t talk about clothes

11. Don’t be conspicuous

Don’t be conspicuous

12. Don’t drink too much

Don’t drink too much

13. Else this will happen

Else this will happen



From: ViralNova

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