10 Gentlemanly Ways To Ask A Girl Out

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2:10 pm 9 Nov, 2015


Asking a girl out is no cakewalk. It requires planning and strategy to succeed. And no, those reckless flirty dialogues of Bollywood don’t work here. Your first move might lead to a dream proposal and a tantalizing kiss but if you let your immature hormones overshadow your personality, then my friend, that girl is gone. Forever.

Don’t worry, I will help you to get out of this romantic maze, just follow the soulful advice below:


1. Be honest about your feelings


You have feelings for her and you know that. But keeping that warmth and affection inside you heart will only gift you angst and madness. She really wants to know why you are asking her out. And if the reason is honest and justified, the date is set.


2. Keep your desperation well-hidden

Ask her out in a calm and gentle tone. I know she has created titanic madness in your mind, but your million-dollar smile will benefit you more here.


3. Make sure you look good when you ask her out

Your dress should be a killer and your attitude should be armed with confidence and charisma. Just dismiss the hesitation.


4. Don’t use the ‘Help-me-buddy’ option

Asking for help from a friend will result in limitless confusion. The girl will think that you are not confident and brave enough to express yourself. And the opportunity is lost.


5. Always be prepared with a plan

Don’t decide the hangout place beforehand. Chat with her on Facebook and WhatsApp to know her favorite hangout places.


6. Ask her out on a day she is full of joy

If she is feeling low and depressed, it’s better to postpone the hangout plan and instead have a small chit-chat just to lighten her mood a bit. And the next day, when she is immersed in happiness, she just cannot refuse your offer.


7. Don’t waste too much time in dropping hints

The hinting and stalking phase is really upsetting. All pain, no gain. Your hopeless hints won’t have any significant effect on her and in return, you will lose all the precious time. Just be direct and honest.


8. Ask her out when you both are alone and having a smooth conversation. Not on mobile.

WhatsApp and Hike are not dating apps. They are made to keep the momentum of romance burning after you have started dating. Please don’t use them for this purpose.


9. Don’t think: ‘What if she says no?’

Yeah, the analytical mind suddenly gets activated when clouded doubts start to overflow. Even if you are expecting a “No”, then be prepared to accept it happily.


10. Don’t use that pigeon method

If you are one of those shy and quiet guys, then write a letter to her expressing your deepest emotions. And don’t rely on the pigeons (buddies) to deliver your honest thoughts. Do it yourself.


Are you ready guys?