Ashutosh Posted A Picture Of Him Relaxing On Bed With His Dogs, But Twitterati Trolled Him Badly

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5:16 pm 5 Dec, 2017


AAP leader Ashutosh has been one of the strongest critics of the Narendra Modi government. He has alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a ‘Jumlebaaz’ and he does not fulfils his promises. The AAP leader has also alleged that the BJP tries to poach leaders from other parties by using money or muscle power before every election.


Recently, he shared a picture of him watching the Test match between India and Sri Lanka.

He shared his image on Twitter:


However, it soon gave the fodder to Twitterati who used this opportunity to slam him:



Before joining the AAP, Ashutosh was the managing editor of IBN7. Explaining the reason in his blog on why he joined politics leaving behind a cushy job and a handsome salary, he said: “The Anna movement came as a breath of fresh air and in no time it caught my imagination. I felt that something was changing fundamentally and Indian politics was breaking new ground. The response to the movement was magnetic and electrifying. It was then that the idea of changing the character of politics by entering it caught the imagination of agitators.”