Ashish Chanchlani: 10 Facts About The Comedian Who Can Make You Laugh Even During Your Gloomiest Moments

10:00 am 1 Nov, 2018


Ashish Chanchlani, ye wo vines wala banda hai na? well, borrowing the words from his social media profile, indeed this comedian made his fame by sharing funny and enjoyable vines. Hailing from Maharastra, he has presently created a space for himself on YouTube and other social media platforms with interesting videos. His easy-to-connect acting and funny script certainly fuels his popularity.

Naturally, Ashish Chanchlani is very active on social media. He often shares snippets of his life on Instagram. Here are some of the posts he shared that you will absolutely love. Let’s start with this childhood image.



Celebrating 1 million followers



Showing off!



With his mom



Me time!



Enjoyed? Now let us tell you some of the interesting facts about this comedian/ YouTuber.


1. The mundane basic details!



Ashish Chanchlani was born in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India in 1993. Just 25-year-old and this guy has already attracted the attention of millions of fans.


2. Mandatory educational info



What will you do by knowing what he studied? Well, at least his degree will make the engineers happy as there is still hope for the ‘sad’ lot! Yes, he holds a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering.


3. The money making source



Thinking from where does he earn money? It’s his YouTube channel besides the other digital platforms. Started on July 6, 2009, his channel is called ‘ashish chanchlani vines’. Presently, it proudly boasts 7,942,448 subscribers.


4. The jackpot



Way back in 2014, he published his video titled How to annoy people who say – tu mere baap ko jaanta hai? Till now the video has received 2,159,119 views and the numbers are growing.


5. The other avatar



Not only vine or YouTube but this online sensation has also played a part in the popular show Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. I must say his flawless acting was certainly worth watching.


6. The perfect idol



The videos of Ashish Chanchlani certainly show that he is not afraid to be weird in front of the camera and let his creativity flow. It seems like he picked this habit from his idol, Akshay Kumar. Recently he also did a video with the star.


7. Facts about family



Born to Anil and Deepa Chanchlani, he also has a sister. His family runs a multiplex.


8. The childhood dream



He always wanted to be an actor as a kid. Though not on mainstream cinema, surely this young talent is making his way towards the same.


9. International inspirations



Ashish Chanchlani started his vine in India when very few people were actually doing it professionally. As an inspiration, he always looked to the international viners like Amanda Corny, Logan Paul, and Christon Delgrosso.


10. Meet the team




He started his journey as a one-man army and continued doing the same for many years. However, with his growing fame, he compiled a team of talented individuals. They help him in creating the awesome videos that we all love.