Asha Bhosle Posted How Technology Affects Lives. Netizens Seem To Agree

2:20 pm 14 Jan, 2019


The technology is a boon or a bane? This question has troubled many for a long time. Mobile phones were one of the revolutions which made many tasks so easy for everyone. Can you believe your life without your phone now? I can’t! My mother keeps on asking me, that when will I leave my phone? Travel to food, everything is much more accessible with the help of mobiles and internet services have become our life. We post everything there and keep our friends and followers updated. But what about the actual people around us? Famous singer Asha Bhosle posted about this and we can’t agree more.

The iconic singer posted a picture on her official Twitter handle and talked about the time we are living in where the internet has taken all over us. Asha Bhosle is from the time when personal conversations were still the most used mode to interact and now it is all mobiles.




Look at the post by the singer. She posted a picture of her friends and singers sitting in the same room but using their phones. She wrote- ‘Bagdogra to Kolkata… Such good company but still, no one to talk to. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell.’



Tweeple agreed with the singer and replied in agreement that the mobile phones have taken over lives and the interaction is limited when we are with people.













It is the harsh reality that we all have become extremely dependent on our mobile phones. We are connected to everyone with one click and the world is available in our phones but it has made us very elusive and away from our loved ones. What we need is a balance so that we don’t miss on the precious moments which are out of our mobiles. What do you think about it?

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