10 Times Asha Bhosle’s Voice Made These Actresses A Legendary Memory

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8:36 am 9 Sep, 2016

Asha Bhosle has given us enough melodies to keep our evergreen playlist packed for next three decades. However, what she has also given are beautiful faces humming these tunes. Playback singing is so big in Bollywood, that long after the movie and the stars fade away, we remember these beautiful songs by the alluring actresses who lipsed them.


So here, let’s be thankful for this beautiful and peppy voice to have made our actresses etched in our minds with unforgettable and ethereal charisma. Asha Bhosle is a legend in her own with a stunning career spanning over more than four decades.


Here are ten times when Asha Bhosle made those honey combed words slip through these beauties like poetry.

Madhubala: While her charm is unquestionable, Asha Bhosle’s husky voice brought out the whimsical in Madhubala.


Helen: We remember her more for her cabaret dance than her acting. And then, who gives cabaret that sexiness better than Asha?


Rekha: While Umarao Jaan changed the fate of Rekha forever, few people know it was Asha Ji’s victory too. Known for her peppy, sexy voice people never trusted her to sing ghazals. With this movie, Asha not just proved them wrong but created a poetic history by singing for Rekha.


Zeenat Aman: A song which even a woman of 21st century hums with pride and grace, Chura Liya Hai Tumne made Zeenat Aman a symbol of oozing confidence.



Urmila Matondkar: Rangeela was by far the voice of budding liberals in early 90’s. While Urmila was the perfect free-spirited chick, Asha’s voice made the entire screen lit up with fireworks!


Karishma Kapoor: It was not just Dil Toh Paagal Hai and Manish Malhotra which re-routed the career graph of Karishma, but Asha’s alluring voice too which flipped the golden destiny of Kapoor girl!



Tabu: She’s ageing like a fine wine  today but whenever there’s Rang De playing we can’t help but get awed by her glittering charm onscreen. This wouldn’t be so without Asha’s tinkling voice.


Sushmita Sen: She doesn’t just look sexy but has a killing voice too. And when Asha Bhosle sang this track of Filhaal for her, she did complete justice to it.



Aishwarya Rai: Taal- a musical story was the biggest milestone In Aishwarya Rai’s career. Asha Bhosle made this track and Aishwarya Rai immortal with her stunning voice encrypted in Rahman’s composition.



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