Pakistanis Love Dancing And Singing To Bollywood Songs. Then Govt Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai?

4:14 pm 5 Sep, 2018


Remember when TY earlier reported about a Polish tourist Eva zu Beck landing herself in trouble after doing the ‘Kiki challenge’ on a PIA aircraft? She not only acquired a NAB probe but also became ‘violated the security code of the airline’ and ‘disgraced the national flag by wrapping it around her body’ during her show. That’s not all. Bollywood also serves as a medium of expression for these ‘suppressed’ lot, but now, ASF ban on a female officer for singing Indian songs has caused an uproar on social media.

Take the Kiki Challenge for example. When Polish tourist Eva danced on PIA plane in Pakistan’s flag colors, she didn’t know what was coming.



The country’s highest anti-graft body – National Accountability Bureau (NAB) launched an investigation into the matter! Her PIA Kiki challenge went so viral, that even PIA tweeted about it:



After all the unexpected humiliation and official probe, Eva posted an apology on Facebook for ‘hurting any sentiments’:



She also added that she loves Pakistan and will promote it despite her ordeal!


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Earlier today, I received some important news. It got me thinking about my original travel plan, which I had made at the beginning of the year, after leaving my life in London behind. . When I left Europe to travel across Asia in March, my plan was to keep going for as long as possible. I wanted to see the rest of the world. Pakistan was only the second stop on the itinerary. . According to the original plan, right about this time, now, I was meant to still be riding horses in Mongolia. Right about this time, I was meant to be planning for the next country to be conquered on my vast world journey. . And while I always knew that the journey would be full of surprises, I never expected my second stop to become an adopted home. But I guess Pakistan must be pretty special if I decided to stay here until the end of the year, right? 😜 . So THAT’s the great news: I found out earlier today that my visa has been extended for five more months. I’m not going anywhere. That’s five more months of exploring this beautiful, misunderstood country; five more months of the world’s best food; five more months of love and adventure. . And, who knows, this could be only the beginning. 🤐😉

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Now, in the latest case of showing indifference to personal choices, a female officer of the Airport Security Force (ASF) has been punished for lip-syncing a Bollywood track.



The young female staff of Sialkot airport got the ASF ban on September 3, for lip-syncing an Indian song. She wore a cap with Pakistan’s flag on it.



The officer, due to all this, has lost two year’s worth of increments and perks for ‘violating the ASF code of conduct’ which prohibits employees from the use of social media.



Not only this, the ASF ban extends to other employees as well, who can’t use social media.



During the investigation, it was revealed that the video was posted three months ago. Before the ASF ban, the officer is seen lip-syncing Guru Randhawa’s song High-Rated Gabru.



As all music lovers would know, this song is one of the biggest hits all over with 4.5 million views and 2.2 million likes on youtube.



Following the ASF ban, the female personnel has assured the authorities that she will not make such a video in future.



In fact, the officials have now kept her under strict vigilance if she’s found of violation again. However, the ASF ban hasn’t gone down well on social media.


Harsh punishment?



Individuals have private lives!




This one thinks ‘moral policing’ is wrong!



Clear bias against women?



While every story has two coins, there are some who support this harsh punishment. Have a look:



Rightly so…



While some think the code of conduct needs an update:



Last but not the least, this one thinks ASF have bigger problems!




Forget women, even Pakistani men aren’t spared! Atif Aslam was the subject of trolls when he sang Tera Hone Laga Hoon from ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’ at Pakistan Independence function in New York.



But his fans still don’t care!





Meanwhile, ASF isn’t available for comment.