This Is How Asaram Bapu And His Devotees Created A Ruckus On A Flight To Delhi

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5:30 pm 20 Sep, 2016

People on Jet Airways 9W 2552 flight on September 19 will never forget their journey as Asaram Bapu and his devotees made sure that almost every flight safety measure that airlines take were broken by them.


Asaram’s devotees, who were on their way to Delhi from Jodhpur, not only disturbed others by chanting “Asaram Bapu ki jai. Sai. Sai”, but also refused to sit down.

“Seat belt ki kya zaroorat jab swayam bhagwaan hamare saath hain? (What is the need of a seat belt when God Himself is travelling with us?).”

According to reports, the commotion had started even before Asaram had boarded the flight as was delayed by over two hours with no announcement being made with regards to reason.

It was only after Bapu came on a wheelchair with his devotees that the boarding was announced, with air hostess “screaming” for passengers to get on board.


To add to their misery, the air conditioner on the flight wasn’t working, making it hot and stuffy. Further when they were questioned about the same they were told, that “the cooling wouldn’t start until all passengers were seated.”

Finally, when the flight landed in Delhi, Bapu refused to follow queue and insisted that he would disembark only with his devotees by his side.


Representational Image. Dateline India

Representational Image. Dateline India

Once off the plane, there was massive chaos outside the airport as many rushed to seek blessings of the tainted godman forcing the police to use force to disperse them.

Asaram was flown down to Delhi on September 19 for a medical examination at the AIIMS.


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