Shah Rukh Khan’s Oldest To Make Bollywood Début. God Help Us

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6:36 pm 6 Apr, 2016


In an interview with some daily recently, Shah Rukh talked about how things had been for him back when he made his Bollywood début with the movie ‘Deewana’. He mentioned how his picture was in the corner of the movie poster.


Umm, he’s got half the freaking poster, really! bollywoodmdb


Shah Rukh went on to say if/when Aryan, his oldest, were to make his Bollywood début and he wasn’t given adequate footage in the movie poster say, he would tell his son that that’s not right.

Erm, in what world would a star kid not be given more than his due?!! Can you think of a star kid who didn’t get much much more than he/she deserved? Even distant relatives of celebrities manage to cash in on their names, for God’s sake!


Bollywood’s big on nepotism. That’s just the way it is.



I like Shah Rukh, I do. But he’s gotta get with the program! Shah Rukh Khan’s name carries weight in India. Aryan, if he so chooses, can do pretty much anything under the sun and still enjoy the perks of being King Khan’s son. I doubt he’ll be put in the corner of any poster in his entire career, however long or short that may be.

Also, Karan Johar has already declared he’d like to launch Aryan’s career, so umm, the only one who should worry about not making it onto the movie poster is whoever’s cast opposite him!


So, another star kid looks poised to make his Bollywood début. God help us!