12 Facts That Prove Aryan Invasion Theory Is Merely A Well-Designed Propaganda

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The British rulers were smart, cunning and unfortunately, significantly foresighted than the unsuspecting people they ruled and exploited in India or elsewhere. How do you think a country so small managed to rule a big portion of the planet for centuries?


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Well, they did not just use force. From religion and science to propaganda, charity and industrial development, these colonials used every tactic imaginable to enslave one country after another.


‘Crafting’ history to suit their interests, for instance, was an important part of the strategy. Aryan Invasion Theory was one component of the master plan. Sadly, the evil intent of the European rulers of that time is still causing damage; majority of the Indians still believe in this false theory. After all, it has been fed to them time and again by school textbooks, works of biased foreigner historians and others who accept everything written by foreigners as gospel truth.  


But, Does It Even Matter?

Life is busy. Work is piling up. The Internet is everywhere.

Why discuss a theory about what happened thousands of years ago when there is so much happening already, right? It’s the 21st century after all.


The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) actually has a very strong bearing on the present as well as the future of India. It has inflicted great damage on our psyche, and worst created a rift between the different sections of the Indian society.


Did you get the picture? You should.

So, dissecting this carefully designed propaganda, meant to be passed on masterfully as a theory, generations after generations in our country, is very important.

1. Ancient Indian records have absolutely no mention of such a theory

Strange as it may sound, none of the epics, puranas or scriptures mentions anything even remotely close to Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). This theory, however, had stated that the Vedic literature goes back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Ancient Indian records

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And the AIT & follow-up theories proclaimed that the civilization which created and passed on all of these over the millennia were barbaric and non-Indian. How insane is that?

Culture, tradition, religion or literature – the ‘proposed’ theory has zero backing from the Indian side. The origins of this theory, now crammed by the young and old in India, are in European Politics and German nationalism [19th Century].

2. Proponents of this theory were not even historians

They were not biologists, scientists or archaeologists. Sad but true.

Proponents of this theory were not even historians

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Max Muller was on the East India Company’s payroll. He was more of a linguist and not a historian. The theory served the interests of the British Empire well.

Other two fellows, Lassen and Weber were hardcore German nationalists. They were pretty happy with the idea of including Germans among the so-called, superior Aryan Race.


3. Highly respected and learned Indians rejected this theory

Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Dayananda Saraswati and Baba Saheb Ambedkar did not agree with the theory.

Highly respected and learned Indians rejected this theory

4. If the so-called invaders attacked Harappa (the so-called original place of residence of South Indians), why did they not inhabit this advanced (at that time) township?

If the so called invaders attacked Harappa

The excavations carried out at the site indicate that the Harappan townships were just abandoned. And if Dravidians (the victims according to the theory) were pushed down to Southern India, why is there no cultural hostility?

How come we don’t notice any Aryan-Dravidian divide in the traditions and literature of the two areas in our country?

It’s because there isn’t any. It was all manufactured, right from scratch to the point that authorities till this day have not taken-off this absurd theory from the textbooks.

What exactly happened to Harappa, whether it was some ancient atomic bomb technology, violence, a climate change or some divine power, no one knows for sure! Why cook up theories!

5. The English were shaken by the discovery of Mohenjo-daro

They could not accept the fact that India happened to have the 1st educated, well-organized and cultured society in the world.

The English were shaken by the discovery of Mohenjo-Daro

So, they tried their level best to fabricate new theories, one after the other in succession, to defame Indian history – known and unknown.

6. European historians were plain wrong to say that Harappa Culture was restricted to Indus River Valley only!

Dozens of sites have been found across the country.

European historians were plain wrong to say that Harappa Culture was restricted to Indus River Valley only!

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So, the argument that the Dravidians were once settled at one place and attacked by the Aryans falls flat.

7. Despite the differences in Aryans’ origin, one thing majority of Western historians were hell-bent on rejecting was that the so-called Aryans were the original inhabitants and not invaders from Europe

Despite the differences in Aryans’ origin

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The fundamental goal was to make the hypothesis of Aryan migration from Europe to India an accepted reality.

8. The divide-and-Rule strategy was supplemented by Divide-and-Convert

Why do you think European missionaries were able to achieve maximum conversions in South India? There may be numerous reasons but cleverly manufactured Aryan-Dravidian divide did play a big role.

Divide-and-Rule strategy

9. The roots of the Aryan invasion theory lie in London

The theory created in the nineteenth century, as pointed by Dean Chandora, was devised in a secret meeting at the Royal Asiatic Society in London, in 1866.

The roots of the Aryan invasion theory lie in London

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The meeting was concluded with the belief that it was necessary to spread misinformation so that India would gladly serve under Christian rule and not consider the English as foreigners. How clever!

10. The Harappan civilization was not Dravidian

The Harappan civilization could not have been a making of Dravidians as a popular theory has suggested so far. Townships built by them which are believed to have been overrun by an invasion were actually built on proper mathematical instructions found only in Vedic literature.

The Harappan civilization was not Dravidian

So, the residents were actually the people of Vedic age – the same people who inhabit all of India, including Dravidians.

AIT, on the other hand, had proposed that Vedic people had attacked and destroyed Harappa. Today, their theories about India having no Vedic past have all fallen flat.

11. The interesting paradox raised by Aryan Invasion Theory is no more

The reason why some historians latched on to AIT so easily was also because of a really interesting paradox

  • The vast Vedic literature was minus archaeological finds
  • Thousands of archaeological sites from the Indus-Sarasvata civilization were without any literature associated with them

Even at that point in time, an unbiased historian would have just chosen to say – we don’t know for sure – instead of coming up with the idea of a superior Aryan Race crashing a complete civilization down to dust.

The interesting paradox raised by Aryan Invasion Theory is no more

Image source: defenceforumindia.com

Now, there have been archaeological finds for Vedic literature (discovery of Dwarka city, for example), as well as literary associations for the Indus-Sarasvata civilizations.

Put simply, the contemporary evidence clearly indicates that AIT is false.

12. Rig Veda’s creation date as proposed by AIT has been proven wrong

Most proponents of the Aryan invasion theory were German and English nationalists, according to whom the Christian chronology of the world was the only one to follow.

The world according to this chronology was created somewhere in 4004 BC. The great flood occurred in 2500 BC. So based on speculation alone, a date for the invasion had to be decided later than 1500 BC. Rig Veda, it had to be created a little earlier. So, they made it 1, 200 BC. How convenient!

Rig Veda’s creation date as proposed by AIT has been proven wrong


Guess what, they have been proven wrong on this front as well. Satellite imageries that have been studied of late indicate that the Saraswati River Bed dried up in 1,900 BC. Numerous studies happen to have concluded on the same date. This finding effectively puts the date of creation for Rig Veda to 3,000 BC.

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