Uttarakhand Education Minister, Arvind Pandey, Insults A School Teacher For A Right Answer

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1:15 pm 18 Sep, 2017


It is high time that India considers giving its education system a serious and much-required makeover. A number of things, right from the syllabus to the age-old schooling system, to the parameters on which children are judged and declared capable, to some people making the system even more flawed, desperately needs a change. The people who need to be changed include a minister as well and the need to do that is highlighted by the minister himself.

Arvind Pandey, the education minister of Uttarakhand has brought himself to limelight for a reason that is far from good. Recently, he paid a surprise visit to Dehradun’s Mahila Inter College and a video from the same, of the minister in conversation with a teacher has gone viral.

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When Pandey entered one of the classrooms at the institution, a female teacher was taking a science class and the minister felt the need to test her knowledge by asking a “basic” mathematics and chemistry question. He asked the teacher what would be the answer of a chemistry equation when two negatives and one positive are added. The teacher said that the answer would be negative but he appeared in no mood to listen to her. He then asked what would be the answer to the same equation in mathematics. He then went up to the blackboard and wrote the equation – + – = to which the teacher again gave the correct answer.

Arvind Pandey insulted a teacher during school inspection YouTube


But according to him, the question’s answer in chemistry would be a negative and in maths would be a positive, perhaps according to his own theories. He then told the teacher that he has asked the very first concept and got a wrong answer. He went on to ask the name of the fourth chapter in the textbook and finally said that he is sparing her as she is a woman.

Here is the video of the incident that went viral:


The entire episode did not go well with government school teachers of the state and several of them from different parts of the state hit the streets demanding an apology from the minister.


Pandey tried to make up for his behavior by posting another video of an inspection conducted by him in a government school but was thrashed severely for his behavior on social media as well.

Here is what he posted on Facebook:


But social media was least interested in this video and trolled him for his inappropriate behavior with the science teacher at Dehradun’s Mahila Inter College. Here is what people wrote to him: