Arvind Kejriwal Using Kanhaiya’s ‘Aazadi’ To Highlight AAP’s Work In Delhi

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7:38 pm 15 Mar, 2016


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started leveraging on the ‘aazadi’ chant and turning it into a catchword to promote the work done by his AAP-led Government.




Hoardings and posters of the government have already come up at different parts of the city where the aazadi word resonates with a different kind of message.



Newspapers and radio advertisements will follow. The ‘aazadi’ AAP is talking about is from inflated electricity bills and even the meter itself.

And this is what Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra tweeted:


‘Aazadi’ was the word Kanhaiya Kumar raised in the JNU campus soon after his return on bail. The ‘aazadi’ he used was for a markedly different context than the one AAP-government is planning to.

The hoarding exhorts people to “generate their own water bills”. Wonder what that means.


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