Arvind Kejriwal Made Fun Of Those Supporting Notebandi, And The Opposite Happened

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:47 pm

We know that nearly every socialist leader and the entire Opposition are opposed to the demonetisation drive. Mamata Banerjee calls it draconian, the Left parties have their own take, the Congress leaders find flaws where none exist, etcetera. And then there is the Delhi Chief Minister whose only job appears to be criticising the Prime Minister for everything from a rainy morning to a starless night.

Despite the wave of criticism he receives on Twitter, Arvind Kejriwal is in no mood to stop being himself and retweeted this comparative chart.




With that comparison, Kejriwal makes fun of the celebrities and other prominent names who favour Modi government’s notebandi labelling them as ‘economists’.

But Twitter gave Kejriwal a befitting response by highlighting the other big names that poster intentionally left out.


And one fella reminded the AAP leader of the result of the Maharashtra Municipal Council polls in which BJP marched to a thumping victory.


This smart trolling will fail to deter Kejriwal from his attacks on the Modi government because he is now a politician. What do you say, folks?