Arvind Kejriwal Writes ‘Shayari’ To Troll PM Modi. Twitterati Responds With Even Better ‘Shayaris’.

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Okay, it is really quite difficult to tell why Arvind Kejriwal – an honest leader in India’s political top brass – is so obsessed with Narendra Modi. Frankly, it defies all logic.

As the ‘Udta Punjab’ debate rages on, Delhi Chief Minister wrote this cryptic ‘shayari’ on Twitter directly addressing the Prime Minister.


The tweet proved that Kejriwal has not learnt any lesson from a similar act he did a few weeks ago.

How can Twitter let go of this entertainment! So, all hands on keyboard and letters combined to form words that trolled Kejriwal.


And this guy (obviously) was super, duper hilarious with his responses:



Only Kejriwal can explain why he keeps talking about Modi day and night. When we talk about a person more than usual, it is either because we respect the person or are in love.