Always In A Mood To Blame PM Modi, Kejriwal Makes A Serious Mistake In This Tweet

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5:51 pm 22 Nov, 2016

Politics is a game of opportunity and who knows better than Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Ever since the prime minister assumed office, Kejriwal is always in a mood to project himself against him and the BJP by hurling accusations at them left, right, and center.

Getting impatient to take an aim at PM Modi following the demonetisation move, the Delhi CM recently tweeted a picture of a man hanging to the ceiling fan of a bank and blamed Modi for the same.

He called the man a common man who was poor and blamed his death on demonetisation.

He wrote:



However, this time what he forgot to do was verify the news.


He did not ask himself even once how come a man can commit suicide at a commercial bank in full public view with no one coming to his rescue.

As per a media report, he was not a “poor common man” but a robber who had broken in into a bank two nights ago at Bela village in the Satna district, Madhya Pradesh. Locals were quick to gather around the bank, demanding the robber to come out, and it was the fear of the police that the man hanged himself to the ceiling fan.

The original Tweet which was later deleted:


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